Prime Wheel-- the largest manufacturer of automotive wheel hubs in North America applied GREENMAX M-C200 for polyethylene recycling


Founded in 1989, Prime Wheel is the largest manufacturer of automotive wheel hubs in North America. There are 3 factories in all in the United States and Mexico.



So far, their wheels have been in a very good position to supply for many automotive companies such as Tesla, GM, Chrysler, Ford, and so on.

In the production and transportation of wheel hubs, the use of Polyethylene is very common, and almost necessary, to protect the wheels form being damaged. However, the disposal of the polyethylene sheet and roll after use is very difficult, even if by landfill, it also needs to spend a lot of labor for sorting.


Prime Wheel has been exploring more efficient and reasonable solutions for polyethylene recycling in the past years, but there has been no suitable method. It was in 2016 that Prime Wheel successfully found GREENMAX, a specialist devoted in foam recycling.



In the next few months, the engineering team of GREENMAX successfully researched and developed M-C200 foam densifier, specially designed as what Prime Wheel required, which can compress the polyethylene sheet in a high efficiency without changing the properties of the materials.

The good news is that, in 2017 Prime Wheel successfully installed GREENMAX M-C200 foam densifier. Characterized in easy operation, labor saving, and higher efficiency, such a machine has so far been running hundreds of hours, compressing at least 200,000 pounds of waste polyethylene.




To undergo such a volume compressing process, the whole polyethylene sheet recycling process can be much easier, in that not only the storage space, but the transportation cost can be largely saved.

As different customers have different unique cases, GREENMAX can provide specially customized types of recycling machines for unique foam recycling solutions. Whatever difficult you may come across during foam recycling, GREENMAX can always do help to you with no hesitation.