Malaysian Manufacturer Sharwin Foam SDN BHD and GREENMAX Cooperate to Handle Polyfoam Recycling Problems

The Best Polyback Group (Sharwin Foam) has more than 18 years of rich experience in the Polyfoam industry, with two factories located in East Malaysia. In addition to providing professional building insulation materials for the Malay market, the group also provides polyfoam fish boxes that are lightweight and easy to transport for various Malaysian aquatic products, occupying a pivotal position in the polyfoam industry in East Malaysia.

During the production of polyfoam-related products, some polyfoam leftovers or defective products are often produced. Sharwin Foam used to store the cut polyfoam leftovers and transport them to another factory to manufacture other products. Due to the light density and large volume of the waste polyfoam, Sharwin Foam needed to pay high monthly transportation and labor costs.

In addition, due to the seasonality of the recycled products and the unstable monthly demand, Sharwin Foam cannot dispose of their own polyfoam cutting waste in the off-season, so they have a headache at this time and can only use a lot of space for storing the leftovers. However, the storage of the materials not only takes up unnecessary space costs, but is also unfriendly to the 5S management of the factory, and there is a high fire hazard because of the flammable characteristics of polyfoam. Therefore, Sharwin Foam has always been worried about the stored polyfoam and wants to find a more environmentally friendly and reasonable polyfoam recycling solution.

In 2020, the manager director Mr. Chong of the group learned about GREENMAX's polyfoam recycling total solution and realized that polyfoam has a more environmentally friendly recycling method — they can reduce the volume of polyfoam leftovers into high-density compressed materials. Because of its high density, the volume of the compressed polyfoam is greatly reduced, and the transportation cost is only 1/90 of the original. Moreover, the compressed polyfoam ingots can also be sold to GREENMAX at a good price, and then GREENMAX will make them into environmentally friendly photo frames in its own factory.

Sharwin Foam feels that this concept and disposing method are very green, and they can also make extra profits from recycling polyfoam waste, so they decided to work with GREENMAX to carry out this environmentally friendly solution. Therefore, Sharwin Foam Group ordered a GREENMAX Polyfoam Densifier M-C50 to help them deal with the polyfoam leftovers, and planned to sell the melted leftovers back to GREENMAX to make environmentally friendly photo frames and picture frames.

"The polyfoam recycling total solution from GREENMAX is a very good idea. By reducing the volume of polyfoam, it can be transported and then made into environmentally friendly photo frames, which solves the problem of waste transportation, storage, and safety that we have always had a headache. It can also bring good benefits by selling the compressed materials to GREENMAX, which is also a kind of protection for the social environment and realizes sustainable development. In the future, Best Polypack & Sharwin Foam will continue to protect the social environment while providing customers with high-quality products, rationally recycling waste, respecting the environment, and contributing to the sustainable development of society.", Mr. Chong said.