MasterPlast - PE Foam Manufacturer in Hungary Used GREENMAX PE Foam Densifier to solve the Waste Accumulation Problem

MasterPlast group is the leading insulation material and construction industry product manufacturer-distributor in Central Eastern Europe. The group company has a wide range of business. Its branch in Hungary mainly produces PE foam, and its main business is to provide PE foam transportation packaging services to various accessory factories. The customers and markets of the company are concentrated in Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, and other countries.

There are usually foam scraps produced in the production process of PE foam. With the expansion of production, the accumulation of PE foam often becomes a problem for waste disposal. Therefore, many manufacturers are seeking effective PE foam recycling solutions.

"We have a lot of defective PE foam products during our production process, these defectives are commonly recycled for granulation before, but now the amount of waste has increased with the expansion of production scale. The old recycling-pelleting model could not handle the waste in time, so there were more and more foam scraps accumulated, thus creating big on-site 5S management problems,” said Mr. Kószó Gábor, the plant manager of MasterPlast in Hungary.

Since PE foam is composed of about 98% of gas, it takes up a very large volume. A few hundred kilograms of PE foam can fill up to 10 cubic meters of space, and they currently have no equipment for PE foam disposal in an effective way.

In May 2019, Kószó Gábor found GREENMAX when he looked for the PE foam recycling solution on the website. He found that one of our machine types ZEUS Series foam densifier might be able to solve his problem, so he sent us a letter for help consulting PE foam recycling solutions.

The consultant of INTCO recycling evaluated the type and quantity of the waste materials in the MasterPlast’s factory and found that if the Z-C100 GREENMAX PE foam densifier can be applied to compress the waste scraps, it can achieve a 50:1 compression reduction. This solution can solve both the storage and transportation problems of PE Foam waste.

In January 2020, the GREENMAX Z-C100 foam densifier was successfully delivered in Hungary. After two months, Mr. Kószó Gábor reported that they used to produce 10 tons of PE foam waste a month, which costs 50 trucks to send it to their partner recyclers for disposal. Now they only need to transport it once with the application of GREENMAX PE foam densifier, so that the cost of 49 trucks was saved. At the same time, the waste at the production site could be compressed in time, which solved the problem of on-site 5S management and greatly reduced the waste disposal cost.

The PE foam recycling solution provided by GREENMAX has effectively helped MasterPlast solve the problem of PE foam recycling and save waste management costs.