Sony Refurbish Center Appliance Foam Packaging Recycling

GreenMax in America

Sony Refurbish Center in America, they have a lot of waste electrics packaging. The EPS (Expanded polystyrene) boxes looks like a rigid white foam. It is not easy to decompose and it is hard to transport because it is lightweight but large in size. Sony Refurbish Center bought a Green max machine of EPS foam recycling, A-C100, to compress their waste electrics packaging.

Polystyrene Packaging can be reused for many times but the function and performance won’t be changed. People prefer to choose this material as the mailing material as its lightweight that can reduce the postage as much as possible. EPS is transparent and beautiful. It is not easy to decompose. Also, it belongs to the thermal insulation material and it is widely used, including it can be used in Appliance Foam Package and furniture foam package.On the other hand,so recycling polystyrene packagingis very necessary to protect our environment.


Greenmax helps them to deal with a large quantity of waste EPS box , Styrofoam compacted block is white and beautiful.. Through this kind of appliance foam package recycling, not only do a big favor on reducing the USA eps waste, but also can save big amount of money such as warehousing charges and freight.If the EPS material can be recollected and recycled, more people will have an opportunity to get a job and the employment pressure will be reduced.