Awareness of Extruded polystyrene recycling was raised among Owens Corning


Owens Corning, one of the world's top 500 XPS insulation board producers in the United States, is a company specializing in the production of XPS, and their insulation products can be used for every building. For such a big company, they certainly have large quantities of waste XPS materials during the production. GREENMAX compactor A-C200 has perfectly solved their problem of waste XPS volume reduction and also raised their awareness of recycling.



Owens Corning has been a Fortune 500 company for 62 consecutive years. They are committed to saving energy, improving the comfort of commercial and residential buildings, and making thousands of XPS products lighter, more rugged, and more durable. Therefore, Owens Corning XPS insulation board is very popular and needs large production capacity.



Such a professional XPS manufacturer actually has a lot of XPS waste in the production process. The XPS waste is mainly unqualified or scrapped board in their production line, which can no longer be used for production. Owens Corning couldn’t handle this waste in the beginning, and had to sell XPS waste to another company which use the XPS waste to granulate.



By the time they knew about a simple recycling solution from the granulating company which was provided by GREENMAX (belong to INTCO Recycling). Since then their awareness of recycling was aroused. Because Owens Corning has already cooperated with the granulating company for many years. All of their waste XPS materials were sent to the granulating process. After knowing about GREENMAX solution, it strongly supported the granulating company to cooperate with GREENMAX recycling.

What kind of recycling solution did GREENMAX supply them? It’s GREENMAX ’s APOLO Series compactor. GREENMAX A-C200 can perfectly dispose the waste XPS and actually the recycled XPS materials can be used to granulate and to make other plastic products. As a result, the GREENMAX A-C200 can not only deal with the waste XPS professionally, but also can bring benefits to both of the two companies. Owens corning finally solved the problem that they didn’t have enough extra space for waste XPS recycling, while the granulating company finally achieved stable resources of waste XPS materials. With the stable resources, their granulating business will grow fast.


Generally, XPS manufacture companies like Owens Corning which have senses of waste XPS recycling may possibly be curious about the recycling solution supplied by GREENMAX. GREENMAX APOLO series compactors, with screw compression technology, can work at a compression ratio of 50: 1 and another important point is that the compactor itself does not take up too much space. For example, if you put 50 cubic meters of waste XPS into the silo of the compactor, the compressed XPS materials which are called blocks will finally be only 1 cubic meters. The compressed high-density XPS blocks can be easily stored on the pallets.



GREENMAX recycling machine can not only dispose the waste XPS for the first step of XPS recycling, but also can supply total solution to the waste EPS materials. So far, there are many companies like Owens Corning in the United States has been working with GREENMAX. What’s more, more than 500 GREENMAX recycling machines have been sold to 68 countries and regions since the brand was established in 2008. This is not only because of the high quality and perfect customer service of GREENMAX, but also the foam volume reduction solution and recycling concept, especially the complete EPS recycling solution that INTCO Recycling offers.

As you know, INTCO is a company committed to environmental protection and total solution to EPS recycling: manufacturing and selling GREENMAX™ Compactors (Densifiers) and Melters, purchasing back densified EPS Scrap, and granulating EPS Scrap to recycled PS pellets and frame products.