Government Enterprise in Shanghai Invest GREENMAX EPS Foam Compactor for EPS Recycling

Since Shanghai implemented the "Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Management of Domestic Waste", there have been more and more recycling service points of waste classification and recycling. At present, Shanghai has established the "Two-Network Integration" for recyclables. There are more than 15,000 recycling points, 201 transfer stations, 10 sorting yards, and a three-level network of recyclables “point station yard” that basically covers all residential communities in the city.

Shanghai Chongming District Supply & Marketing General Cooperatives is a local government enterprise. It is a cooperative economic organization serving farmers and an important carrier for the district party committee and district government to do a good job in the "three rural" work. Under the trend of Shanghai's waste sorting policy, the enterprise has undertaken the EPS recycling project.

In order to build a representative enterprise of "Two Networks Integration", accelerate the improvement of the capacity and level of classification, collection, transportation, and waste disposal, and establish a "full-process classification guarantee system for domestic waste" in the entire district, Shanghai Chongming District Supply & Marketing General Cooperatives now has established 1 recycling center, 18 transfer stations, and 327 collection sites in the local area.

Recently, INTCO Recycling and Shanghai Chongming District Supply & Marketing General Cooperatives have successfully cooperated on the EPS recycling project. INTCO offered a professional GREENMAX A-C300 EPS foam compactor to help the enterprise promote the "Two Networks Integration" waste plastics foam recycling project.

Shanghai Chongming District Supply Marketing General Cooperatives first knowing about GREENMAX from the Shanghai Environmental Sanitation Conference. After project research, they found that our machine was very consistent with the company's EPS recycling requirements and finally decided to purchase a high-capacity EPS recycling system. The GREENMAX A-C300 EPS foam compactor is installed in the largest recycling center in Chongming. EPS foam waste from various transfer stations will be transported here for centralized treatment, and the amount of foam waste is about 20 tons a month. Waste EPS foam mainly comes from local demolition materials, vegetable boxes, supermarkets, and residential foam waste.

GREENMAX A-C300 EPS foam compactor adopts the new screw compression principle to process EPS foam waste. This equipment is famous by its large capacity and high compression ratio. The output capacity can reach 300kg/h and the compression ratio is about 50: 1, which can greatly reduce the volume of waste foam and save labor and storage costs.

Shanghai Chongming District Supply & Marketing General Cooperatives is very pleased to cooperate with INTCO Recycling and praised our timely after-sales service. The compressed waste can be sold back to INTCO, which solves the problem of compressed material processing and helps form a complete recycling system.