GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor Has Entered Israel Pharmaceutical Transportation Industry

Styrofoam is widely used in the pharmaceutical transportation industry as a highly cost-effective insulation material. Every year, Styrofoam plays a great role in the medicines transportation chain around the world, helping medicines to be transported at a specific temperature, ensuring quality and safety. Then, how does the Styrofoam recycler deal with these disposable Styrofoam after completing the package mission?

Many enterprises in charge of medicines transportation have this headache. One of such company, INSULPACK GROUP LTD. in Israel, has been providing transportation services for local medicines in Israel for many years, and always troubled by how to recycle these Styrofoam from all over the world.

In 2019, INSULPACK GROUP found GREENMAX and put forward their demand for Styrofoam recycling. After communication, it was found that there are two types of Styrofoam of INSULPACK, one is 15kg/m3 ordinary Styrofoam, and the other is 30kg/m3 graphite foam, so a customized Styrofoam compactor is needed if both of these two foam’s compression demand is meet.

Therefore, GREENMAX has designed an A-C200 Styrofoam compactor with a strong crushing system to deal with the two density foams of INSULPACK and promised to repurchase their compacted Styrofoam blocks, shipping to INTCO Malaysia's recycling plant for granulation at market price.

The Styrofoam granulated pellets will be made into frame products like photo frames, picture frames, baseboards, and other household products, sold all over the world. This is the tenet of GREENMAX, to realize the rebirth and new life of Styrofoam plastics.