Never underestimating the unknown industry


C.T.C. servicios ambientales is a Spanish waste management company which collects, transports and manages dangerous and non-dangerous waste to recycle and evaluate it on the safest and optimal way. The waste they received includes waste Styrofoam materials. In the past, C.T.C. had encountered a bad situation that they had no ideas to dispose the waste Styrofoam materials.  Fortunately, GREENMAX from INTCO recycling successfully supplied its professional solutions to C.T.C. servicios ambientales, which also brought them another valuable business.



In the past, C.T.C. often met customers which needed to dispose Styrofoam materials like fish boxes or home appliance packaging materials which have large volumes. C.T.C. thought collecting Styrofoam is not really a workable business at first. Because they knew nothing about the method to dispose these waste Styrofoam materials. Moreover, the disposal fee isn’t a small number.

However, many customers such as supermarkets had large quantities of Styrofoam packaging materials that needed to be disposed. As a waste management company, C.T.C. has the responsibility to help solve their customers’ problem. After consideration, they decided to collect the Styrofoam packaging materials from the supermarkets.


At the beginning, C.T.C. agreed to collect a small amount of Styrofoam materials. At the same time, it has been looking for ways to deal with Styrofoam materials until it heard the Styrofoam recycling method provided by GREENMAX. And they also knew that the recycled Styrofoam materials can be granulated to make other products. To help solve its problem, GREENMAX calculated the amount of the Styrofoam materials to help choose the appropriate capacity of the machine. Finally, GREENMAX managed to supply the appropriate machine to C.T.C. to recycle the Styrofoam materials.



Time flies, nowadays they collect more and more Styrofoam materials and their recycled Styrofoam materials are sold to the local granulators. In August of 2016, C.T.C. purchased another A-C300 compactor which has larger capacity. The A-C300 compactor has an extra function: automatic cutting. If the EPS block reaches a certain length, the system will automatically cut the block off, no manual operation required. In addition, C.T.C. also purchased additional accessories: a conveyor belt and a silo. The conveyor belt can control the feeding speed to get the perfect EPS blocks, and the most important thing is that the silo can help C.T.C. save much labor and cost.



All the machines of GREENMAX have Siemens control boxes which are very intelligent and efficient, the system is also able to control the screw cutting and pressing speed. The machine itself has a fusible function, that is, to prevent the compressing temperature becoming too high to lead the surface of the EPS blocks to be melted. Moreover, GREENMAX compactors can support long-term operation. Since August 2016, C.T.C. operates A-C300 for about 8 hours a day, and the machine has been running very well without any problems.



C.T.C. is very satisfied with GREENMAX, and now their EPS recycling business has grown. At present, EPS blocks as raw materials of PS pellets are in large demands in many countries, including INTCO. Many companies are willing to buy EPS blocks at high prices.

C.T.C. has totally entered into a new industry which was unknown to it before. The good news is that C.T.C. benefits much from the Styrofoam recycling industries. It will be a very economic industry for you to enter into.