How To Recycle Paper Cartons

Tetra-pak is a Swedish Paper Cartons company research and development products, because of its easy to use, the modeling is novel, beautifully printed, more than eight months, which is widely used in dairy products and other industries. Lu: sue composite material, Paper Cartons use paper from inside to outside a total of 6 layer structure, base material with high strength cohere or by the preservation effect. Because of its complex structure, lead to difficulties in Paper Cartons recycling. If not recycled Paper Cartons, on the one hand, causing serious pollution of the environment, on the other hand, a waste of resources with high quality. Prepare for Paper Cartons recycling has both social benefits and economic benefits.

Tetra Pak Recycling

About Paper Cartons recycling, our company manufactures GREENMAX P-C200 and P-C350 compactor to compact this kind of packaging. Our extruder has a bursting device to compact the Paper Cartons and de-water it well.

Paper Cartons recycled as-is (re-used) for various purposes, including for use in school projects, and for use in solar water disinfection in developing nations.

The GreenMax compactor, Poseidon C350/C200 is the machinery for Paper Cartons.