How to Recycle PP/PE Plastic Film

Applications of plastic film

Plastic film is widely used in our daily life, such as preservative film, plastic farm film, food package, medicine package. They are bringing us great convenience and are in great demand every day.

Why should we recycle PP/PE film

PP/PE film is produce in large quantities each day. If buried in the earth, waste PP/PE film occupies the earth space; besides, most PP/PE film is nondegradable. If burnt, not only will it pollute the air, but it is a waste of resource.

Since PP/PE film is recyclable, the best way to deal with waste PP/PE film is to recycle and reuse them. Only in this way can we protect the environment and conserve resources.

Problems in waste PP/PE film recycling

Since most waste PP/PE film is too dirty to recycle directly, specialist muddy PP/PE film used in agriculture. Before recycling, waste PP/PE film must be washed first. However, it is impossible for us to wait until wet PP/PE film is dry before recycling. This has been an obstacle for waste PP/PE recyclers.

How Greenmax POSEIDON can solve your problem

Greenmax Poseidon series is designed for de-watering and recycling. Poseidon series applies crew technology which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Most importantly, the Greenmax Poseidon series can effectively dry the wet film flakes at high efficiency. Poseidon can also dewater containers including PET bottles, aluminum cans, beverage cartons, yogurt cups. Poseidon has been put into use in many countries and regions.