GREENMAX Foam Densifier Helps Puerto Rico Furniture Store Realize Styrofoam Recycling

EMPRESAS BERRIOS INC is the largest home furnishing and household appliance store in Puerto Rico, specialized in major brands of furniture and home appliances and has more than 30 chains. It is also an Ashley franchise store in Puerto Rico. In 2019, they were first engaged with Styrofoam recycling.

Furniture and household appliances will generate a lot of waste foams in the process of distribution, unpacking, and delivery. Previously, it was paid to the local recycler for processing. In August 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane“Maria”, which caused heavy damage to the entire country of Puerto Rico, including the recycler who cooperated with EMPRESAS BERRIOS. The weak strength of the rapid reconstruction of the warehouse has led to major problems in Styrofoam disposal of EMPRESAS BERRIOS.

EMPRESAS BERRIOS immediately looked for a solution for Styrofoam recycling. Fortunately, after a complete market survey, they found that GREENMAX is far ahead in the field of foam recycling, not only providing foam recycling equipment but also buying recycled foam blocks back. The GREENMAX foam densifier compresses and extrudes the waste foam with a compression ratio of 90: 1, which can greatly save their warehouse storage space.

Coincidentally, the recycler who previously cooperated with EMPRESAS BERRIOS is also a cooperative customer of GREENMAX, and ASHLEY also purchased several GREENMAX foam recycling equipment. Referred to these successful cases, BERRIOS immediately convened the board of directors and chose GREENMAX MARS-C300 foam densifier.

In 2019, GREENMAX's team of engineers came to the site to adjust and install the foam densifier they purchased. After two-day on-site training, BERRIOS workers was able to master the use and maintenance of the machine. They highly praised the professionalism of GREENMAX team.

The use of GREENMAX foam densifier not only saves a large amount of space in BERRIOS's warehouse but also saves the cost of waste foam disposal. It is worth mentioning that using such a foam recycling machine is a real good project to Styrofoam recycling and turn waste into treasure. They can quickly sell the hot-melted foam ingots to INTCO Recycling and create a certain income. This project has been unanimously approved by the BERRIOS senior team.