Appliance Warehouse- The US Home Appliance Recycling Company Invested in GREENMAX EPS Foam Densifier to Recycle Packaging Waste

Appliance Warehouse is one of the most professional Home Appliance Recycling Company in the northeastern United States. At present, there are two warehouses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, both of which are engaged in home appliance recycling business. The cooperation between GREENMAX and Appliance Warehouse started in 2019, mainly based on waste EPS foam recycling solutions.

The time that GREENMAX first learned about this company, it was just in an old building in Pennsylvania. The company was mainly engaged in recycling services for home appliances, metals and other waste materials. It also provided EPS packaging recycling service. However, the scale of EPS recycling has not been expanded due to the limitations of the old equipment at that time.

In 2019, with the rapid development of the New Jersey branch, the amount of EPS waste has also increased, which turned out to be a problem for the company’s development. In the second half of 2019, Appliance Warehouse began to consider the further improvement of its EPS recycling business. After learning from the previous experience of PA branch in equipment selection, the investment of EPS recycling machine has taken a long time for market research. Appliance Warehouse finally chose to cooperate with GREENMAX and purchased the MARS Series EPS foam densifier to help recycle EPS foam waste in the New Jersey branch.

The application of GREENMAX EPS foam densifier has brought great satisfaction to customers. In only half a year of 2019, it generated nearly 40,000 dollars in revenue, and it is still growing. "We are very satisfied the speed" Rege often praises GREENMAX equipment with friends.

At the same time, the Pennsylvania branch is also facing the problem of business scale expansion, and the old equipment cannot meet the current demand for waste EPS disposal, not only insufficient in production capacity and efficiency, but also has great limitations in waste EPS foam recycling. Therefore, at the beginning of 2021, Appliance Warehouse decided to replace the old equipment with GREENMAX EPS foam densifier, which greatly increased the production capacity. The equipment can handle a variety of foam waste, such as EPS, EPE, EPP and other foam materials, bringing more possibilities for the company's future development.

GREENMAX and Appliance Warehouse have maintained good relationship, helping customers solve problems occurred during equipment operation. We hope that GREENMAX EPS foam recycling solution can help more customers in the foam recycling industry.