EPS Foam Manufacturer in Chile Cooperated with GREENMAX in EPS Recycling Project

SYNTHEON is one of the largest EPS foam manufacturers in Chile. It has factories in the capital Santiago and southern Puerto Montt. The main products include EPS foam fish boxes, vegetable & fruit boxes, farm boxes, and other EPS products in the construction industry. As SYNTHEON has also built some new factories in Central American, with the gradual increase in EPS foam production, EPS recycling is also in urgent need.

Previously, the EPS waste in SYNTHEON were discarded, almost 100 to 200 tons a year from its two factories. In early 2018, the plant manager in SYNTHEON purchased a second-hand GREENMAX M-C50 EPS densifier from a local recycler.

At that time, their original intention to buy the EPS recycling machine was to reduce the foam volume so as to shrink the disposing cost. Yet they did not know exactly about the value of the compacted EPS ingots in the market.

Coincidentally, it was just more than a month after SYNTHEON bought the EPS densifier that the sale of GREENMAX happened to find them. SYNTHEON expressed that their satisfaction with the GREENMAX EPS recycling machine and soon established trust foundation. Around May, the two company started their cooperation in the procurement of compacted EPS foam ingots.

In mid-2019, the EPS production scale of SYNTHEON increased, M-C50 EPS densifier was no longer able to meet the demand. An EPS densifier with a larger capacity could also dispose of the gray EPS building materials separately as needed. Besides, the Chilean government has been advocating for companies to enhance awareness of environmental protection, and they also want to provide EPS recycling services to their downstream customers.

Under various considerations, SYNTHEON purchased a M-C200 EPS densifier from GREENMAX. The payment of this machine was deducted by the cost of purchasing compacted EPS ingots by INTCO Recycling.

At the beginning of 2020, SYNTHEON received this new EPS densifier. At present, the two EPS recycling machines M-C200 and M-C50 are used in factories in Santiago. In view of the good operation, SYNTHEON plans to buy two more EPS recycling machines, one in their factory in southern Puerto Rico, and another in their new factory in Panama.