Conn’s -- an American furniture store applied three GREENMAX M-C100 for EPS recycling

Conn 's is an American furniture store, headquartered in Texas, USA, including mattress, electrical and some other home appliance. It also has stores in Greater Houston, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Greater San Antonio, Greater El Paso, Greater Corpus Christi, Southeast Texas, and South Texas.


In the 7 large distribution centers of Conn’s, the waste EPS was directly thrown away before. However, when taking into account the bulky waste volume, the high processing cost, and the trend that more and more furniture stores began the waste EPS recycling by their own, their decisions changed.


After due consideration, Conn 's decided to find a more effective solution for EPS disposal. They commissioned a local machine rental company to find the right recycling machine for them.

Shortly afterwards, the machine rental company got in touch with GREENMAX. They specially visited other furniture stores to see live operation of the GREENMAX styrofoam recycling machine, and after the comprehensive comparison with other brands, they finally chose GREENMAX.

Later Conn’s purchased three GREENMAX M-C100 to install in San Antonio, Huston and Dallas, where the waste EPS is relatively more than other distribution centers. Accordingly, the Conn’s set out to recycle EPS waste by themselves and then purchased back the EPS blocks for selling to INTCO to make framing products.


In October 2017, GREENMAX sent engineers for on-site service to instruct Conn’s distribution center operators to operate the recycling machine effectively and to train their staff for machine maintenance. Later GREENMAX will also regularly provide such on-site service for the machines sold out.