GO TRG -- one of the largest refurbishing companies in the world realized Styrofoam recycling by GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier


GO TRG, founded in Toronto in 2007, is one of the largest and most technologically advanced consumer product refurbishing companies in the world, with another 2 branches in Canada, and 4 branches in the United States. Like the west coast company SOHNEN, GO TRG also provides product refurbish serves for Walmart. Besides, Lowes, Apple and Bestbuy are also within their services.


Till now, GO TRG has refurbished tens of thousands of electronic products with the highest quality standards and it is mainly engaged in return processing of Walmart, Costco and some other U.S. retailers, especially the return repair of televisions and display screens.



About the returning goods, GO TRG has set up its own warehouse near Walmart, after sealing off and cargo inspection, goods in good condition will be repackaged directly, if broken, it will be repaired and packed again, during which, the original Styrofoam packaging will be thrown away and replaced with their own new packaging. Thus, to recycle Styrofoam begins, as these Styrofoam packages accumulate to about 6,000 to 7,500 kg per month.



Originally, these Styrofoam packages were thrown away directly, costing a lot and covering a large area. Later, with the increasing number of Styrofoam and according to Walmart requirements, GO TRG decided to buy a specialized machine for their Styrofoam recycling.


They soon began to explore Styrofoam recycling company and after careful comparison, they chose to cooperate with GREENMAX due to the unique design capabilities and the total solution for purchasing back their recycled Styrofoam ingots.



After hearing about that the famous furniture store ASHLEY has been using GREENMAX recycling machine, they paid a visit to ASHLEY and found it in good condition, especially the compressing effect of Styrofoam recycling.


Finally GO TRG placed an order of GREENMAX M-C100 Styrofoam densifier, and received it within two weeks. Thanks to the personally installing and adjustment of GREENMAX after-sale team, GO TRG got satisfied with this service and thought well of the machine quality. 

They said, they would invest in another 5 branches in the future to buy GREENMAX recycling machines for Styrofoam recycling.