SISTEGUA- the Construction Material Manufacturer in Guatemala Invest in GREENMAX EPS compactor to Expand EPS Recycling Scale

SISTEGUA, S.A. is a construction material manufacturer located in Guatemala, Central America. The company has cooperated with INTCO Recycling for EPS foam recycling business since 2018 and maintained stable cooperation in recent years.

Established in 1981, SISTEGUA has nearly 40 years of industry experience in the development and production of building materials. With the expansion of business, SISTEGUA began to produce EPS products in 1988, mainly for cushioning, heat preservation, sound insulation, and other products used in the construction industry. Now the company also involves the production of EPS packaging materials.

Earlier, around 2017, SISTEGUA bought an EPS hot melt machine from Mexico to handle the leftovers from the EPS material production process and also collected EPS waste from the cooperated EPS cutters, then exported the melted foam blocks to a buyer in Mexico. However, the buyers in Mexico were unstable and unable to make timely payments in the later cooperation, so they decided to look for new foam blocks buyers and found INTCO Recycling during this period. SISTEGUA has been cooperating with us for recycled EPS foam material since 2018, they are very satisfied with our services and payment methods, and we have maintained stable cooperation in recent years.

In Guatemala, people has little awareness of EPS recycling. Therefore, apart from processing EPS waste from their own factories and cooperating customers, SISTEGUA also regularly organizes public activities to introduce the EPS recycling process to the public, fulfill social responsibilities, and increase the local EPS recycling rate.

In order to expand the scale of EPS foam recycling, SISTEGUA intends to purchase a GREENMAX EPS compactor A-C200 in another factory. The main reason for choosing GREENMAX equipment is the stable foam ingots cooperation with us, high trust, recognition of the quality of our company and the machine. In addition, we can provide them with a special payment method for equipment, using recycled foam blocks to mortgage the machine is also one of the important reasons for choosing us.

For SISTEGUA, the main purpose of EPS foam recycling is to fulfill their social responsibility and protect the environment. Selling foam blocks is not their main business, and more cash flow is invested in other production equipment. Therefore, our payment method can help them relieve the pressure of capital.

SISTEGUA received the EPS compactor in 2019 and was satisfied with its function. At present, the two machines are used together, and both cold-pressed and hot melt foam materials are sold to us now.