Quanta Computer- the World's Leading Electronics Manufacturer Equipped with GREENMAX Machine to Solve PE Foam Recycling Problem

Quanta Computer is the world's largest notebook computer R&D, design and manufacturing enterprise, which has a high reputation in the field of electronic product supply. The cooperation between Quanta and GREENMAX began in 2020, and is committed to solving the problem of electronic product packaging PE foam recycling.

As one of the world's top 500 enterprises, Quanta not only maintains high growth, high quality, and high evaluation in the field of notebook computers but also extends its business into the market of the enterprise network system, home entertainment products, mobile communication products, automotive electronics, and digital home products, etc. In recent years, Quanta is committed to its mission of improving operational efficiency and protecting the environment.

Quanta has two Data Rack manufacturing bases in Tennessee and California, USA. During the manufacturing process, there is a large amount of PE foam packaging waste produced, which can generate about 4000 lbs of waste for 2 trucks per day and about 560,000 lbs per month. Previously, Quanta has been handing over the PE packaging materials by giving them to the local recycler, but the only local recycler went bankrupt due to poor management not long ago. So PE foam recycling has become a big problem for Quanta, and the company had to throw this foam waste into the trash can, paying nearly $7000 in waste disposal fees every month.

In order to solve its own high operating costs and PE foam recycling problems, Quanta began to seek professional PE foam recycling equipment. Due to the certain reputation that GREENMAX owned in the US waste foam recycling market, Quanta soon found GREENMAX and was interested in the GREENMAX PE foam densifier.

After several months of communication with the GREENMAX team, the plant of Quanta in Tennessee took the lead in purchasing a GREENMAX M-C200E PE foam densifier to dispose of its own PE foam packaging waste. The customized equipment is ideal for handling PE Foam with a compression ratio of up to 90:1. The appearance, quality, and operation of the equipment are satisfactory to the customers.

After half a year of operation, there are more than 250,000 lbs of PE foam waste has been recycled, which has helped Quanta save more than $42,000 in landfill fees and greatly increased the efficiency of plant operation. This PE foam recycling project was recognized by all senior leaders of quanta in the United States.

In October 2020, the Quanta plant in California ordered the second set of GREENMAX PE foam recycling equipment, The GREENMAX team, and the Quanta team are still working together to promote the PE foam recycling project to Quanta's global factories.