Gold Circuit E-Recycling - A Professional Recycling Company in the USA Cooperated with GREENMAX for Styrofoam Recycling

Gold Circuit E-Recycling is a professional recycling company specializing in electronic products recycling in Maryland, the northeastern state of the USA. The company's main business includes computers, general electronics, and some household appliances recycling. As business scope expands, Gold Circuit's recycling business also involves packaging waste, like Styrofoam material.

We first met Gold Circuit in 2014. In the beginning, we learned that they would also receive some Styrofoam packaging materials while recycling electronic products. Since there were not many companies recycling Styrofoam, their customers would require them to pick up this kind of waste or pay for landfills themselves. After Gold Circuit learned that Styrofoam packaging waste can also be compressed and sold at a substantial price, they decided to install a minimum machine A-C50 to dispose of the packaging waste they collected.

With the increasing scale of Styrofoam recycling for customers, they found that recycling Styrofoam can not only save landfill costs but also make great profits. More importantly, this helps Gold Circuit form a distinct and differentiated competition with other competitors. Most companies cannot help customers deal with Styrofoam waste issues, but they can. And they can also use Styrofoam disposal as an entry point to attract new customers.

In early 2017, Gold Circuit moved to a larger warehouse, and the scale of recycling has become more and more diversified. From recycling electronic products only to Styrofoam and polyethylene foam recycling, Gold Circuit has gained the trust of more and more customers. Due to the increased amount of waste Styrofoam recycling, Gold Circuit decided to install another GREENMAX machine, Styrofoam densifier M-C200. This type of machine can both process their Styrofoam and polyethylene foam waste. Currently, the Styrofoam recycling business has become a competitive tool for them in the local recycling industry

So far, the GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine has been operated in Gold Circuit's warehouse for two years, and there are no customer complaints occurred during the period. INTCO recycling is not only an equipment supplier of Gold Circuit but also an important partner of their Styrofoam recycling business.