How to Recycle polystyene?
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Polystyrene recycling is of increasing significance now. Commonly seen polystyrene foam includes expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) and polystyrene paper, such as food tray and cups.

Steps of polystyrene foam recycling:


1.Collect waste polystyrene
2.Volume reduction, via an EPS compactor.
3.Ship to recycling company to do the Pelleting;
4.Reuse to make new products like picture frames.

GREENMAX APOLO Series could compact all kinds of polystyrene foam:


1.EPS/Expanded Polystyrene (Styropor®)
2.XPS/Extruded Polystyrene (Styrofoam™)
3.PSP/Polystyrene Paper (Food tray and Cups)



1.RAGN SELL (Polystyrene recycling machine A-C100)

2.The Brick (Polystyrene recycling machine A-C200)

3.Polyrec (Polystyrene recycling machine A-C300)


Why recycle polystyrene?

Polystyrene is one of the most commonly used thermoplastic plastics,transparent and with the translative temperature higher than 100 degrees Celsius. But it is not easy to decay and degraded by recycle polystyrene natural microbes, becoming the white pollution. So the polystyrene foam recycling is of great necessity.

Why volume reduction?

All kinds of polystyrene foam can be recycled and reused by different methods. But most polystyrene products are currently not recycled due to the lack of incentive to invest in the compactors and logistical systems required. Generally, polystyrene can not be recycled by curbside, Due to the low density of polystyrene foam; it is not economical to collect. As a result, manufacturers cannot obtain sufficient scrap, so polystyrene foam recycling is a business of great potential.

However, if the waste material goes through an initial compaction process, the material changes density from typically 30 kg/m3 to 400 kg/m3 and becomes a recyclable commodity of high value for producers of recycled plastic pellets. The recycling of it has been improved a lot in industry, turning up many new ways for compacting it.

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