Styrofoam recycling leads Premier to a “Green” Logistic company


Premier Product Management is a Logistic company located in California. The products Premier transports everyday will leave them large quantities of shockproof Styrofoam packaging. To save costs, Premier started to deal with the bulky foams on its own. And GREENMAX compactors helped Premier carry out the work smoothly.



Premier, as one of the Contractor companies of General Electric Company(GE), has already run 13 years. It is mainly responsible for the transportation of home appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines and some other home appliances.



Premier continues expanding its scale with the development of GE--it now owns 4 distribution centers which is close to GE. Premier now becomes a company which has a total of 20 trucks, 40 drivers, 400-500 pieces of goods. So the quantities of waste Styrofoam are also large.



The drivers of Premier are not only responsible for the transportation, but also are responsible for the installation and adjustment of the home appliances. What’s more, the drivers also offer another service-- to clean up and taking back the waste foam packaging and other materials after installing and adjusting the goods.



In the past, due to the large volume of the Styrofoam packaging, much of their storage space was took up. And there was a local recycler charged money to help Premier dispose Styrofoam-- which was free of charge before.



In order to save processing costs and storage space and to be a more “Green” (environmental) transport company, Premier finally decided to dispose the recyclable Styrofoam itself. To know more about Styrofoam recycling solutions, Premier visited the WA company which has already disposed Styrofoam itself. After the visit, Premier was more determined to join in the Styrofoam recycling business. 



In September 2014, Premier finally purchased 4 GREENMAX A-C100 compactors for their 4 distribution centers. It also sold their compressed Styrofoam to the local recyclers or some plastic frame manufacturers or the end-user of decorated moldings. Nowadays, Premier has truly become a “Green”Logistic company.