UN1F1ED2 Global Packaging Group -- a professional fabricator cooperated with GREENMAX for polyethylene recycling


UN1F1ED2 Global Packaging Group (hereinafter referred to as UGPG²) was established in 1988 in USA and branded in 2018.


It has grown since to a global organization, working with all types and densities of foam including PE, PU, EPS, EPP, convoluted foam and so on. Their mission is to provide customers with innovative, high-quality,affordable packaging solutions globally.


During the foam skiving process, great quantities of messy Polyethylene foam pile up on site, doing bad to 5S maintenance and space saving, also increasing security risks. Several years ago they bought a PE hot-melt machine but with poor effect and now they want to seek for a better solution for polyethylene recycling.


For greater production capacity, UGPG² chose GREENMAX Z-C200 polyethylene compactor, with the compression ratio reaching up to 50:1. Therefore, the efficiency of polyethylene recycling will soon be increased.


After putting into use for a period of time, the GREENMAX polyethylene compactor helped not only PE foam recycling, but also space saving and safety enhancing, making the operation of the whole site more smoothly. 

Besides, it’s worth mentioning that the compacted PE foam blocks will be sold for granulating and reusing, which has also resulted in substantial additional profits every month.


During the initial installation and use of the polyethylene compactor, the GREENMAX engineering team provided guidance for test and adjustment twice in may 2018 and August 2018, for better polyethylene sheet recycling.


In this early October 2018, the GREENMAX engineering team paid a third visit to help train their maintenance team and operators, including feeding speed, machine maintenance and points for attention when operating.