How To Recycle Yogurt Cups

Yogurt cups recycling is a very mature industry now and it becomes more and more popular as people’s awareness of environmental protection is more and more intense. There are always two kinds of Yogurt cups, plastic and glasses cups.

The yogurt cups we recycle is always made in plastic material. As it’s difficult to degrade in the environment, we produce the shredder to compact and de-water the cups.

yogurt cups

Yogurt cups recycling reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. A recycled yogurt cups save enough plastic raw materials to produce other new products.

Yogurt cups distinguish themselves as the most recycled and most recyclable beverage container in the world. The UK’s leading Organic dairy companies, Yeo Valley Organic company, by using biodegradable packaging materials, further reducing the dairy packaging negative impact on the environment.


yogurt cup papers

Organic yogurt is Yeo Valley Organic company's flagship product, the company in 2008 by reducing the yoghurt cup and carton packaging materials, reducing total packaging materials 109 tons. In spite of this, a company spokesman said, Yeo Valley Organic plan to reduce packaging material not only, also plans to adopt more biodegradable materials.

GreenMax P-C200 and P-C350 are committed to the yogurt cups recycling. The machine can compact and de-water for the recycled yogurt cups very very well.