Ashley--the world NO.1 furniture brand in the USA cooperated with GREENMAX successfully


Founded in 1945 in the United Stated, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is a world-renowned American home furnishings manufacturer and retailer, headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin. With a construction area of more than 1,210,000 square meters used for production and distribution, it exports 30,000,000 pieces of furniture products to 123 countries, including 7,000 transport containers with 22 varieties of more than 7,000 kinds of products.

Famous for its fashionable design, abundant selection, superior quality and professional service, Ashley Furniture has won the trust of millions of families from 123 countries around the world. It has successfully operated more than 600 stores around the world that cover everything.
There is no doubt that all furniture industries need to use Styrofoam for packaging, and not excepting Ashley Furniture. However, the unfortunate fact is that Styrofoam is large in size and light in weight. The Styrofoam disposal by landfill of its waste costs too much, as well as the transportation. Therefore, Ashley has always been looking for more efficient and more green processing methods.



In 2007, Ashley started its Styrofoam recycling by the purchase of 6 Styrofoam densifier. After that, they sold the recycled Styrofoam ingots to granulation plant or the end users of Styrofoam, such as some application stores of frame and baseboard.
In December 2015, Ashley got in touch with GREENMAX through Alibaba and expressed to us their intention to buy a new recycling machine instead of their aging ones. After 2 months of investigation with a visit to the user to try the GREENMAX machine personally, Ashley bought the first GREENMAX recycling machine M-C200 in February 2016. Immediately in May 2017, they purchased the second one with the same requirements as the first order.


Such a practice applied by GREENMAX recycling machine, for one thing, can save prohibitive expense of disposing Styrofoam, for another, has brought about considerable benefits as it can not only protect the environment, but also lead the enthusiasm of Styrofoam recycling.


Therefore, if you happen to get troubled by the disposal of waste Styrofoam, GREENMAX recycling can be of great help to you.