EPS Manufacturer Hirsch Isolation Invested A GREENMAX EPS Foam Densifier To Solve Recycling Problem

HIRSCH Group has 45 years of experience in the EPS foam production industry, headquartered in Austria, and has 25 production plants in Europe including 5 EPS production plants in France. It is called HIRSCH ISOLATION (Saint Gobain) in France. As an expert in building insulation materials, it provides solutions for the effective and sustainable treatment of the entire enclosure and makes a commitment to achieve effective thermal insulation, and also reasonable recycling.

During the production of EPS foam insulation products, HIRSCH ISOLATION will produce some EPS foam scraps and EPS dust waste from the Dedust system. Therefore, they have also been looking for EPS foam recycling solutions.

The EPS recycling machine used before by HIRSCH ISOLATION cannot deal with EPS foam scraps and EPS dust at the same time. It needs to use different recycling equipment to process separately. Thus it is a waste of labor and requires a lot of investment in equipment and electricity. Additionally, the compression effect of EPS foam dust is not ideal.

At the K Show in Germany in 2019, HIRSCH ISOLATION learned that GREENMAX Mars series EPS foam densifier can process EPS foam scraps and EPS dust waste at the same time, which not only saves labor, equipment, and power input but also guarantees the discharging effect and compression ratio (90:1) of various kinds of EPS foam, so as to save more storage and transportation costs.

After communication, HIRSCH ISOLATION purchased the GREENMAX EPS foam densifier customized for their warehouse and production workshop in June 2020 to process EPS foam recycling, and they reached an agreement to sell compacted EPS foam ingots to INTCO Recycling, forming a closed-loop of EPS foam production and recycling, achieving scientific EPS recycling and sustainable development.