Konami Gaming - Word's Leading Innovator of Slot Machines and Gaming Enterprise Management Systems Uses Foam Densifier to Solve Warehouse Storage Problems

Konami Gaming, Inc. is the world's top game software company, headquartered in Japan. The popular video games "Silent Hill", "Contra" and "Live Football" are all games produced by Konami Gaming. Konami Gaming has a slot machine assembly plant in Las Vegas, USA, and is the top three casino slot machine equipment suppliers, with the same reputation as WG and IGT.

During the assembly of Konami's slot machines, a large number of parts are from overseas markets, so the packaging and transportation of these parts will generate a lot of EPS foam waste.

In the past, Konami cooperated with local recyclers for foam recycling, and paid the recyclers to collect their EPS foam waste. However, the time when the recyclers came was not fixed. Often because of the busy business, the recyclers could not come on time, which caused Konami's warehouses to have storage difficulties from time to time. Although these EPS foam is light in weight, it occupies a large space. If the recycler cannot come to take the foam waste away within 1 to 2 weeks, then it is a disaster for Konami's warehouse storage.

Fortunately, in 2019, Konami Gaming, after complete market research, found that GREENMAX is far ahead in the foam recycling field, not only providing foam recycling equipment but also purchasing back compressed foam blocks. After being processed, these foams are finally made into architectural decoration products and returned to the market again. This solution is in line with Konami Gaming's low carbon emission reduction goals and community service philosophy.

After 2 months, the foam densifier was finally successfully installed in the Konami Gaming’s warehouse. Although GREENMAX could not schedule the machine debugging time due to the epidemic, their team arranged a senior engineer to provide an online guide. After a period of study, this EPS foam densifier works very well. It only needs 1 to 2 hours of operation every day to dispose of all the EPS foam waste produced on the day, which greatly helps the efficient operation of Konami Gaming’s workshop.