U.S. foam manufacturer used Foam densifier to successfully achieve Foam recycling

R & B Sales's Foam Fabrication Plant is strategically located in the southeastern corridor of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It provides professional customized packaging design and production. The business involves the National Rifle Association, military, police, fire, medical, manufacturing, space, technology, glass, automotive, distribution, and retail industries

Under the management of Rick and his wife, R&B factory had more and more orders , at the same time more and more waste was generated, it made the original production space crowded. The leftovers not only had an impact on the efficiency of the factory’s operation but also the accumulation of foam increased the fire risk of the factory.

According to statistics, R&B produces at least ten 8-yard dumpsters of waste foam scraps every week, including EPS/EPE/PU, etc. Because these foam scraps cannot be reused, they are eventually sent to the landfill.

Rick is very environmentally conscious. About ten years ago, his factory used a foam compactor to process the cut scraps and sold them to a local recycling company.

However, the crushed foam cannot effectively save more space, and the local recycling company will not stably buy the crushed foam, most of which are still thrown into the trash can. After learning that this Foam recycling scheme is not feasible, Rick sold this Compactor, and had been looking for a better solution.

Fortunately, in August 2020, GREENMAX contacted Rick through his friends and learned about the problems of the accumulation of foam leftovers in the R&B factory.

So GREENMAX immediately integrated resources. Based on the suggestions of GREENMAX engineers and Foam recycling experts, and according to R&B's types and quantities of foam waste, GREENMAX proposed a supporting solution. GREENMAX used GREENMAX M-C100 foam densifier to process EPS and EPE foam scraps 90: 1 hot melt compression.

The Ricks was also very satisfied with this solution and named the Foam densifier "Nina", which helped save a lot of factory space and improve daily operation efficiency by 10%.

In addition to improving the space utilization rate, the density of the material after being melted by the GREENMAX Foam densifier is very high. For these hot melt materials, whether it is a local buyer or a foreign buyer, a good price can be given.

For these hot melt materials, INTCO Recycling is the largest buyer among them.