EPP Recycling Solutions to Matsushita Electric Industrial in Japan

NARIYAMA SHOTEN Co., Ltd in Japan is an intermediate treatment company mainly engaged in waste metal, waste paper, waste plastic like EPS, EPP, PE foam, and other industrial wastes. They transport the waste of guests’ to their own factories, after sorting and processing, the raw materials with recycling value will be selected and finally sold to terminal guests.

As a long-standing waste intermediate treatment company in Japan, NARIYAMA SHOTEN has been entrusted by Panasonic Electric to help deal with used waste plastics and paper. In the process of transporting, EPP and PE foam is needed as packaging materials for protection.

The problem is that, the used EPP and PE foam occupied a large storage area in their plant, making the site chaotic and disorganized. Panasonic Electric felt a headache for this and asked NARIYAMA SHOTEN for EPP recycling solution.

The first collaboration between INTCO Recycling and NARIYAMA SHOTEN is the supply and procurement of EPS blocks as INTCO Recycling is committed to the recycling of foam, which is used as raw material to produce regenerated products.

NARIYAMA SHOTEN knows that INTCO Recycling also manufactures and sells various types of GREENMAX foam recycling equipment. Based on their affirmation and trust in INTCO Recycling, they immediately decided to come to the machine production base to inspect the EPP recycling equipment on the spot.

At the scene, they saw the production process of the GREENMAX EPP compactor. In accordance with NARIYAMA SHOTEN’s testing requirements of the machine, INTCO Recycling GREENMAX prepared sufficient EPP and PE foam materials, and NARIYAMA SHOTEN expressed great satisfaction after inspecting two types of EPP compactors.

After returning to Japan, NARIYAMA SHOTEN fully discussed the EPP recycling solution, and decided to purchase two sets of M-C50 foam recycling machines from INTCO Recycling GREENMAX according to their labor and actual amount of foams needing to be recycled.

Till now, the two sets of EPP compactors have been working well in their factories. By volume reduction, not only helps foam recycling but also increases the source of revenue for NARIYAMA SHOTEN, which has received unanimous praise.