Polystyrene Recycling Solution

Expanded polystyrene, commonly known as polystyrene, foam or EPS, is a type of plastic foam that widely used in packaging, logistics, catering, fishing and home decoration industries. Polystyrene is commonly referred to as #6 plastic in the industry.

Polystyrene is a recyclable material. INTCO Recycling provides a solution to the Polystyrene recycling and buys back waste Polystyrene ingots.The demands for polystyrene recycling usually arise from the following industries:

Polystyrene Manufacturing and Converting Industry

For most polystyrene manufacturers and converters, it is inevitable to generate polystyrene off-cuts during the operation process. These foam scraps take up a lot of warehouse space, and if they are not handled in time, they may cause fire and other hidden risks. Most importantly, polystyrene disposal is charged with a high cost in most regions, and there is no guarantee of how often polystyrene waste will be taken away. Polystyrene recycling can not only solve this series of problems but also bring extra profits to polystyrene manufacturers and converters.

Waste Management and Recycling Industry

Some recycling centers refuse to accept polystyrene waste because of its bulky surface. In fact, this is also a problem for recyclers and waste management companies. The large volume of polystyrene incurs high labor and shipping costs, which is uneconomical for recycling companies. Therefore, mobile polystyrene recycling and professional polystyrene recycling equipment have become the choices for most recyclers.

Polystyrene users industry

For some polystyrene users, especially supermarket chains, fruit stores, logistics companies, etc., there is a large amount of polystyrene waste generated every day. These stores are relatively scattered, and if every place has to pay for a recycling company to handle their polystyrene packaging, it can be a big expense. In recent years, more and more polystyrene generators have chosen to recycle polystyrene waste by themselves. It turns out that polystyrene recycling is a profitable project in terms of return on investment.

Local Councils and Environmental Organization

For environmental protection purposes, local councils are gradually discovering the benefits of polystyrene recycling. In Europe, there are still many areas where polystyrene is landfilled. Polystyrene is difficult to degrade and will exist in the soil for hundreds or thousands of years, becoming a threat to animals, plants, and even human beings. Councils carry out polystyrene programs not only encourage residents to learn more about recycling but also establishes a good image for local businesses.


1.Electronic Recycling Australia (Polystyrene recycling machine M-C200 crusher+silo)
2.QLS Group (Polystyrene densifier M-C300)
3.Singleton Council (Polystyrene hot melt M-C50)

GREENMAX can offer you a professional polystyrene recycling machine with high quality and simple operation. The following is the working principle of two types of GREENMAX machines:

GREENMAX polystyrene compactor works with the screw compacting technology, and the compression ratio is 50:1. The main step is to feed the foam waste into the hopper, the bulky polystyrene will be crushed into pieces, and then compacted out as dense blocks, you can finally load the foam blocks in your workshop. The whole process is almost automatic and only one person is needed.

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier uses the principle of hot melting, and the compression ratio can reach 90:1. The operation of a polystyrene hot melt is simpler, PCL can be set with just one button, after the function of crushing, melting, and extruding, the polystyrene ingots are dense like stones. The high productivity makes it more popular.

The recycled polystyrene blocks can be used for new foam product production. INTCO recycling purchases back recycled foam blocks and ingots to make beautiful photo frames and decorative moldings, help you realize turning waste into treasure.