WINCUP -- The American second largest EPS cup manufacturer effectively melted its recyclable EPS resources


WINCUP is the second largest US EPS cup manufacturer, which headquartered in the beautiful Atlanta City. It has a total of 7 production bases in the United States, and it has been supplying services for many catering companies like McDonald, Starbucks and other companies for many years. During the production process, WINCUP can produce a lot of defective EPS cups and it has been working to find the most effective recycling solution.



In 2016, GREENMAX US team visited and met with the responsible person of WINCUP NEW JERSEY PLANT, to introduce the GREENMAX Mars series densifier. The densifier can dispose the waste EPS efficiently. 



The processing speed of the densifier made the WINCUP team shocked and they had great interest in GREENMAX densifier and immediately proceeded to investigate the solution of GREENMAX.



After the discussion between the wincup team and GREENMAX US agent, they analized that the processing efficiency of the EPS densifier was about 3 times that of the old processing method.

And the price of the melted EPS would be twice more than the current price. WINCUP team worked with GREENMAX US agent closely to discuss about the best solution. Two months later, WINCUP purchased the GREENMAX M-C100 as the first pilot of its global EPS recycling project.



In July 2016, the first machine of WINCUP started running, and GREENMAX US agent helped them install and adjust the operation. In September 2016, WINCUP sold the first container of hot melted EPS ingots to INTCO.



After nearly a year of efficient operation, WINCUP was convinced by the quality of GREENMAX, its headquarters decided to continue the second investment. In May 2017, the GREENMAX US team went to America once again to successfully helped WINCUP solve the problem.



Intco provide total solutions for EPS recycling and GREENMAX has been committed to the optimization of EPS recycling solutions, so that more and more waste EPS resources can be effectively recycled and let our earth be greener.