SAFEWAY-- one of the top four retail giants in the United States cooperated with GREENMAX to dispose EPS recycling


Safeway is a large American supermarket chain established in 1915. It is one of the top four retail giants in the United States. It is also a subsidiary of Albertsons.


In 2015, it was purchased by private equity investors in Cerberus Capital Management. Just in the same year, Albertsons and Safeway jointly created one of the world's largest retailers of food and medicine, with more than 2300 stores in 35 states and the District of Columbia.


Safeway's main business is based in the West and central part of the United States, and some shops are located in the central part of the Atlantic along the eastern coast. The subsidiary is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with parent company headquarters in Boise, Idaho.


In 2017, the team of Safeway in Auburn WA found GREENMAX and expressed that they need a better solution for EPS recycling.


After further searching and investigation, we knew that the EPS waste in Safeway was usually pulled away by a local recycler and the recycler would arrange their staff to sort the waste. However, when the recycler were not willing to take the responsibility to sort and package, the Safeway then needed to spend their own manual power and financial cost, which was a big expense for them. 

As the EPS waste is too light and bulky, recyclers had to take the high cost of transportation into account. So the Safeway was required to be responsible for the truck and labor costs. In this way, Safeway, after considering, decided to recycle the EPS waste themselves. On one hand, they could reduce the big expense and gain benefits form EPS recycling. On the other hand, they could therefore set up a good image of the Safeway company.

After the decision was made, they gave the program to the headquarters for approval, and 4 months later, they managed to purchase the GREENMAX M-C200+Conveyor.

In the nearly past October in 2017, GREENMAX had specially sent engineers to Safeway for our machine debugging and maintenance training. The engineers we arranged is the one who guided the machine operation for Whirlpool, and we will arrange regular service in the later period.