DOW-- one of world’s top 500 saved recycling costs by applying GREENMAX densifier


As one of the world’s top 500, the DOW Chemical Company is a leader in specialty chemicals delivering products and solutions to markets such as electronics, water, packaging, energy, and coatings.

One of DOW’s subsidiary, an XPS manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, mainly produces XPS insulation board. In the production process, a large number of XPS scraps are always left inevitably, and, moreover, their customers will cut off the extra part of XPS board as a waste back to the factory.



Before employing GREENMAX, all the waste was granulated directly on the XPS insulation board through the DOW factory's granulator, and then the pellets were used again back to their production lines. This is a good way to achieve the recycling of XPS insulation board, but as the time goes by, the accumulation of waste XPS board has caused some problems such as low production capacity, needs of too much labor and electricity, and the transportation costs are also increasing.



In an exhibition in 2013, DOW’s management learned that GREENMAX from INTCO is a recycling specialist. It has a variety of recycling machines like densifier, which can melt the waste XPS board into blocks or ingots before granulating. It can significantly increase the capacity of granulation, save labor and electricity, and the volume of waste XPS can be much more smaller after being melted at a rate of 90:1, which managed to solve their storage and transport conditions in many cases.



After a full range of inspection of GREENMAX, the management of DOW factory decided to purchase our densifier, GREENMAX M-C200. It is gratifying that they are very satisfied with its performance after receiving the machine, and quite pleased with the solution of GREENMAX densifier we have offered to them.

With the rise of industrial development and recycling business, we believe that GREENMAX recycling will be recognized by more and more people.