To start a business should be quick once you see the prospects


Have you considered starting a business on your own? If you start your own business, you will be the boss, and you don’t need to work for other people any more. However, it’s not easy to decide which industry to enter into. An important thing you need to do is to see the prospects clearly.



There is an electrical assembly factory in Argentina. The son of the boss had his own ambition that he wanted to run his own company. After having estimated the foreground, he decided to run a recycling company which includes foam recycling business and tended to GREENMAX (belongs to INTCO recycling) for help. GREENMAX supplied its A-C300 compactor which has high capacity to him and helped him run his company smoothly.



The reason why he wanted to run a recycling company is that there are many other local recycling companies he knew that had been in the Styrofoam recycling industries for many years. Moreover, due to the large quantities of loose Styrofoam packaging materials they had during the transportation, the resources for recycling are quite enough.

Before he wanted to start Styrofoam recycling , the factory just paid money for other recycling companies to help him dispose the bulky loose Styrofoam materials. And before he knew GREENMAX from Alibaba, he knew nothing about the possible solution. Now he knew all the recycling concept of Styrofoam, and he even started to use the recycled EPS materials to granulate.


GREENMAX A-C300 compactor has the highest capacity and is equipped with the silo and conveyor belt which can meet all his demand. Due to the high quality and efficiency of GREENMAX’s machine, he invested another newly invented M-C200 densifier to recycle polyethylene foam (PE foam) materials one year and a half ago (2015). Both the machines can help reduce the volume of the foam materials, which is the very important first step of Styrofoam recycling.

They operate the machines for about 8 hours every day, and there is not any problem appeared while they are using the machines. He also entered into another industry (EPS and EPE granulation) which is similar to INTCO recycling.


Recently, the market of recycled Styrofoam raw materials is growing very fast world widely. Many companies start to consider participating in the Styrofoam recycling business due to the large demand of recycled Styrofoam. As you know, the son of the electrical assembly factory owner really spotted the right market.