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US Plastic Particles Ban for Marine Debris Cleanup

A lot of plastic garbage are thrown into the ocean following through rivers. Most plastic garbage clean synthetic fabrics for all fiber, as well as cosmetic plastic particles that contained remnants. Plastic particles eventually will enter into the river after being filtered by sewage treatment equipment.


In 2014, the study prove that the plastic particles are floating in the Great Lakes of the most common pollutants. Thus, Illinois have made a ban on plastic particles.
US Senator vigorously promote the nation’s lawmaking for cosmetics industry to ban plastic particles’ use.


At the same time, some agencies hope to recycle plastics in the ocean circulation, such as last year a “marine clean-up” organization in the Atlantic near the Azores Islands sea area of this attempt.
According to the agency estimate, it is planed that the surface of an ocean circulation floating plastic garbage will be cleaned within 5-10 years and the condition is that the plan has no harm to marine life. The organization is currently raising funds to prepare for the official launch of the 2018 plan.


But now it is better as more people have realized that recycle waste plastics or plastic bags could get benefits. Meanwhile, waste plastic recycling is no longer a difficult job as before because now some convenient machines for waste plastic materials have been produced. So the pollution problem will be reduced if more people could throw wastes into some fix places.


The importance is that people should be informed that they could get a lot of benefits if they make some contributions to the waste plastic recycling with efforts. Now, the waste plastic recycling machines have been invented and people could handle wastes by making use of machines. Then, this is no longer a hardship but an easy job.
So don’t hesitate to recollect wastes any more as marine pollution problem need to be removed. Be better world, be more practice.