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Waste Plastic Recycling Market is Decline

Global oil prices fell have hit the plastic raw material prices and cut profit  of waste recycling practitioners, Wall Street newspaper reported that many boss engaged in recycling industry hanging by a thread, Kelisikelaier CK group advertising director said. Everyone was tightening their belts to survive.
Since June last year, the price of a barrel of crude oil fell more than 50%, the beginning of this year PET raw material price is 83 cents per pound, the price is more expensive than 15%,
Until May, PET dropped to 67 cents per pound, which was lower by 7%.

CK group is now feeling squeezed by market conditions, not only because of the recent trading of more than $500000 in the bulk of non - ferrous sorting equipment, and the customers standing in the position of the recoverable plastic, and now hope that they can get the payment process, and hopes to extend the payment cycle, Cole explained.
waste plastic recycling

In other places, ECO plastics, the company is known as the world's largest plastics processing equipment enterprises, controled the east of the UK market. Recently, the German Aurelius group completed the acquisition of assets, and became the company management. CLR group is also rooted in the UK market, it is considered to be under tremendous market pressure.

We basically say this to our customers "give us a good price for the recycling of styrofoam," but few would have been the case, Dumne Chris recently accepted the offer of an intermediary, which is in the number of months to almost half price to sell a number of types of waste. ACP's Alan said.
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This is a real pressure for all Plastic Recycling Corporation, the municipal government has demonstrated that they need to pay for the government to pay for the possibility of waste plastic material disposal to remove the cost of the possibility of Dominic New Jersey Recycling Association, the president said.

At the same time, Mason Carle furriery company has started using more raw material to produce bottles in the UK. People are not willing to pay a higher price for environmental protection, Anne said, director of the company. "We try to use as much as possible to make the production, but this is due to the cost of EPS compacting ."