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Waste Styrofoam Recycling Technology and Perfect Recycling System

1.Technology: waste Styrofoam recycling compactor and densifier
2.Application: Styrofoam/polystyrene foam recycling, PE foam recycling, XPS foam recycling, and EPP foam recycling.

styrofoam material

3.Recycling technology condition:
Most people will throw waste Styrofoam into landfill. As a result, waste Styrofoam will have pollution on soil and water. But now with the help of Styrofoam recycling machine, waste Styrofoam can be compacted into ingots or melted down to blocks.
4.Recycling effect:
Styrofoam recycling compactor with the compression ratio of 50:1, and Styrofoam recycling densifier with the compression ratio of 90:1. Although, the compression ratio is different, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Styrofoam compactor is more environmentally friendly and Styrofoam densifier processing is clearer and handling effect is tidier.
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5.Technology processing:
Styrofoam compactor: crushing waste Styrofoam into pieces and compact wastes into tight ingots, then waste compacted Styrofoam could be extruded from the machine slots with power energy pressure.
Styrofoam densifier: the crushing and compacting process are similar with Styrofoam compactor. The difference is that Styrofoam densifier could melt waste Styrofoam down to ingots. And the density is higher than Styrofoam compactor.
styrofoam compactor recycling process

6.Styrofoam recycling future condition:
Now more and more people have realized the importance of waste Styrofoam recycling. And a lot of Styrofoam recycling machines have been sold to the world, especially countries in European countries as the perfect recycling system. So it is predicted that there will be more and more Styrofoam recycling machine demands because people now attach great importance to environmental protection.
styrofoam recycling circle

7.Classic waste Styrofoam recycling company:
INTCO recycling is a typical Styrofoam recycling company, which have taken up Styrofoam recycling career for many years. INTCO have recycling circle, and buy waste Styrofoam and sell Styrofoam recycling machine. In addition, they are also Styrofoam end-user.
INTCO recycling cirlce