Building foam recycling can help relevant companies enter into a “green” industry


Many construction companies are using plastic materials. The components used include everything from plastic screws and hinges to bigger plastic parts that are used in decoration, electric wiring, flooring, wall covering, water proofing and plastic foam materials which are also known as EPS/Styrofoam are also widely used in the building construction industry by many companies.



Let’s take the EPS cutting companies as an example, there are some companies in Spain that specialize in the designing and manufacturing of EPS building materials for amusement parks or theme parks. Many of the exquisite buildings of the amusement park are made of solid foam. These foams are cut into various shapes. These buildings with different shapes can be painted into a variety of beautiful colors to attract tourists.

Not only in Spain exists such EPS construction cutting companies, but also many other countries have many similar EPS cutting companies. Most of the companies will buy their own EPS foam blocks, and then cut them into the desired shapes. Under normal circumstances, the cutting companies may have a lot of EPS scraps during the production. However, generally these waste EPS will be sent to landfill, because most of the people don’t know that these building foam materials can be recycled.


The global building foam recycling rate is at a very low level , because the global foam materials recycling is only about 30%. In fact, the building foam recycling industry is a green industry, which is absolute worthy of participation.

Waste building foam has different volume, some are small, some are large, and some may be powder. No matter what the shape of the foam scraps, they will not only take up a certain amount of storage space, but also need much landfill space. In fact, EPS foam materials are 98% air, so the easiest way to recycle them is to reduce their volume.


INTCO recycling is a professional waste foam recycling company, which uses recycled foam to granulate and to make frame products. GREENMAX is its EPS recycling specialist, which provides professional EPS recycling machines to help reduce the volume. After recycling, it will be more convenient to save storage space and transportation costs. The building foam recycling can help the relevant companies to enter into a “green” recycling industry. It needs to be referred that INTCO not only provides recycling solutions, but also is willing to buy back the recycled EPS with high price. Building foam recycling is a great opportunity for foam cutting companies to try a new industry.