Disposable polystyrene coffee cups can be recycled with reasonable methods

It is important for people to be aware that coffee and hot drink cups have made up a significant portion of polluting litter in the environment. Some recycling group campaign to reduce plastic pollution and clean up the oceans. People see thousands of coffee cups and lids through clean-up activities polluting beaches, waterways and parks and streets.


According to the data, takeaway cups and takeaway food containers are the second-largest categories of plastic trash by volume. Plastic and polystyrene break down into smaller pieces in marine ecosystems and are ingested by birds, fish, turtles and other creatures, sometimes with fatal results.
It's estimated that over 500 billion of disposable coffee cups are produced globally each year and if they were placed end to end, they would circumnavigate the globe 1360 times. Lots of plastic waste including coffee cups are directed to be put in the landfills, where they can take about several decades to break down naturally.
Paper-based cups are usually lined with a membrane of polyethylene to make them waterproof, but it means they are not recyclable alongside paper or cardboard, or biodegradable. There are many hybrid varieties of coffee cup on the market including wax-coated cups (like milk cartons) and biodegradable cups. It is very necessary that products should have clear labels, thus people and recycling facilities could distinguish which cups can be recycled and processed into renewable products.


Recycling machines can process these waste into renewable useful products. The machines usually include compactors, densifiers and melting machines. Foam densifiers can break down and condense items such as foam packaging and cups into smaller units shaped like bricks. Once the polystyrene is condensed into bricks it will be shipped off to end markets and processed into renewable plastic products.
Lots of recycling companies have been making contributions to the efficient polystyrene recycling. INTCO is a professional recycling company which focuses on producing recycling machines, providing advanced technology, competitive pricing. The company hopes to provide effective polystyrene recycling solutions in the global market.