From three aspects: what is the difference between the Styrofoam compactor and densifier?

No matter fiberglass manufacturing company or the logistics industry, wherever there is waste packaging generated, there will be Styrofoam. Therefore, the choice of machines has become a headache for companies with large numbers of waste Styrofoam. Many American companies don't know whether to choose a Styrofoam compactor or a densifier. From three aspects, this article would tell you the difference between the two kinds of machines.


Operating principles
The Styrofoam compactor applies the hydraulic principle, first smashed the waste, then compacted the Styrofoam by screw physical extrusion. Instead of using the hydraulic principle, the Styrofoam densifier uses the hot-melt technology to melt the Styrofoam in the screw and extruded it through the discharge port.

Respective advantages
1. Styrofoam densifier
①The operation is simple, just change the temperature;
②The density of the material after hot melting is high. Generally, the bulk density can reach 500-600kg / m3;
③In the process of cutting off, there will be no debris, and the site management does not need to be cleaned by special personnel.

2. Styrofoam compactor
①No smell;
②It can handle aqueous foam, such as fishing box, fruit and vegetable box, etc;
③Energy saving. Because there is no heating, the energy consumption is much smaller than that of the Styrofoam densifier;
④The material properties are well preserved. Due to the material is cold-pressed, the internal properties of the material will not be broken.


Technical difficulty
1. Styrofoam densifier
The crushing size must be designed according to the existing screw size and conveying capacity. If it is too large, the screw compression efficiency will be affected. If it is too small, it will be difficult to form and easy to melt.
2. Styrofoam compactor
In the hot-melt process, the screw speed is fast and the screw groove is shallow, so the size and consistency of the material must be ensured in the crushing process.


In view of the technical difficulties, GREENMAX offered by INTCO Recycling has overcome them one by one. GREENMAX machine adopts the structure of double cutter and movable fixed cutter crosspiece to ensure that the crushing size is the best compression size of screw. What’s more, in order to ensure the uniformity of materials and avoid the screw feeding jam, a two-stage crushing is designed for the Styrofoam densifier, and a filter screen is added under the two-stage crushing.