How do you deal with the drunk PET bottles?

Why will I ask this question? You may think that drinking water is the simplest action. In fact, drinking water is not simple as you thought. There are many kinds of water to drink, including the most common boiled water, and pure water, mineral water, glacier water, and low deuterium water. And the drunk bottles should be disposed correctly instead of throwing away.

Boiled water is the most common water in our life, although usually this water can be sterilized after heating, the boiled water actually has no nutritional elements, and can only quench people’s thirst.


Pure water is very common in the supermarket, but the reason why it is called pure water because there are no nutritional elements in the water, this water is not suitable for children to drink, and it can only quench people’s thirst as well.


Mineral water is rich in mineral, it can supply the human body with needed minerals, and it is the kind of water which is good for the body, this water should be drunk more.


Glacier water is derived from ancient glaciers, there are many trace elements, it is the world's best drinking water. If people often drink glacier water, it will be conducive to improving people’s physique, reduce disease, prolong people’s lives, but glacier water is mostly in extreme special geographical location, or in the Antarctic. For example, in the Arctic, or in extremely high mountains, so the mining conditions are extremely difficult.


Low deuterium water is the kind of water which has low deuterium, it can be used to prevent cancer, it is anti-aging, and it can assist in the treatment of cardiovascular diabetes and other diseases, but the price of this kind of water is high.


Most of these water can be bought in the supermarket, so do you know what kind of water you should drink now?
However, how to deal with the drunk PET bottles? For the individual, the protection of the environment is also very important, so after we drank the water, the PET bottles must be classified by us. So we can collect these bottles, and sell to those who recycle such bottles, these recyclers will deal with these waste PET bottles to make other plastic products.

These recyclers may generally use a kind of compactor to squeeze the water and air in the bottle, then turn the PET bottles into a small volume, this compressed PET bottles can be much easier to pack and be helpful for PET bottles recycling.


So we can not only by drinking water to maintain good health, but also through the effective handling of PET bottles to protect the environment. As an idiom said: kill two birds with one stone!