Polyethylene sheet recycling solutions should be known by the world


Polyethylene sheet is a durable and lightweight material often used for the packaging of fragile goods due to its excellent insulation properties. It also offers high resistance to moisture. Polyethylene sheet is easy to process and fabricate which help manufacturers reduce packaging costs as they can use thinner and smaller amounts of foam and still protect their products.

Polyethylene sheets are automotive, sports & leisure, void fill, medical, construction, military, blocking & bracing, recreational, agriculture, and archery target applications.


The polyethylene sheet market is mainly driven by increasing residential and commercial construction activities caused by rapid urbanization and increasing income levels and modern attitudes toward home ownership in several countries.

The global polyethylene sheet market has witnessed decent growth till now. Due to this tendency, the polyethylene sheet recycling concept is becoming more and more urgent to be known by people. Polyethylene is raw materials for many plastic products, it is one of the world’s valuable resources that needed to be protected and saved by people.


Nowadays, the polyethylene sheet recycling rate is not high enough. Because most of the people may not have a recycling concept. Actually, recycling is the most environmental and economic way to save energy. GREENMAX from INTCO recycling has good solutions to the polyethylene sheet.

GREENMAX Mars series densifiers can recycle the polyethylene sheet for the first step during the recycling process. The machines can help reduce the volume of the materials by melting the loose polyethylene sheet materials. The meting ratio is 90:1 which means the recycled polyethylene sheet will be 90 times smaller than the loose polyethylene sheet. It will be very helpful for reducing storage space and transportation costs.


As the world’s recycling rate is at a very low level, the recycling solutions need to be known more by people around the world, especially those who want to participate in the recycling business.