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The awareness and actions of environmental protection

Municipal Recycling facility of recycling materials processes about 16,000 tons of waste materials every month. It also cooperates with its Recycling Education Center. The center was opened in 2014, teaching kids and adults the knowledge of recycling through setting up interactive exhibitions, watching educational videos and holding some activities. The center also offers a facility tour which allows visitors to see the process of recycling plastics, paper and metals.


While many recycling facilities around the country offer tours, municipal recycling facility wants to add a differential educational center where students and adults could be learning more deeply into what it really means of recycling and taking some practical actions to protect the environment.
It tends to be a unique experience for most of the people. Since many people can’t get a chance to see this. When people take part in these recycling activities by themselves, even just put the different rubbish into the relevant rubbish bin or just help collect the trash in the streets and roads, they will realize that how important the recycling is. And certainly, they will have a sense of achievement that they contributed to the environmental protection of the city. This is a good way to make people aware of the importance of plastic recycling and reduce the waste in their daily lives.
Most of the 7,000 visitors annually are children from schools. When students arrived at the educational center, many of them are surprised to learn that the yogurt cup or milk carton they recycled can be useful again. These waste can be processed in the machines and become the materials of frames and so on. When these students walk into the educational center, there is plenty of things for them to do.
Students can use a kid-sized conveyor belt to sort different kinds of recyclable trash into different garbage bins and learn how to use magnets to help recyclers separate metal materials and other materials. They can learn about different careers in the industry and learn how to transport the packages more efficiently. Students read books about recycling and selling, and learn about the different types of transportation between barges, trucks and trains.


After watching informational videos, reading the articles about recycling industry, doing hands-on activities and asking questions, the kids get a chance to see the real operations. The tour leads students inside the processing building where they get a bird’s-eye view of the operation machines.
Due to the serious plastic pollution, many companies have taken practical actions to solve the problem. INTCO is a company which focuses on the environment protection, with producing professional foam compactors and melting machines, providing competitive price and hoping to provide a PS recycling solution in the global market. We are looking for business partners in the area of Styrofoam recycling and we are experienced in export.