The facts about curbside recycling programs for EPS waste recycling


Curbside recycling was come up with the idea of environmental protection, thus most people think that it is a good way to reduce pollution. But do you know the facts about curbside recycling programs for EPS waste recycling?


Millions of Americans take advantage of their local curbside recycling program, which makes it easy for them to recycle common household products. But the program is not always fair to some extent.


As we know, EPS has wide applications in our daily life, the lightweight foam is a good renewable material, but the recycling rate is low. One of the reasons is that EPS food contains are not accepted in some curbside recycling programs. EPS containers is listed as one of the materials that difficult to recycle due to the dirty appearance. This special treatment left EPS waste nowhere to place, and finally end up in the waste stream.



Although the curbside recycling programs have been increased under the support of the government in recent years. Some people are still unclear what can be left at the curb due to the lack of basic knowledge. Styrofoam is recyclable, but not everyone know such fact. Some people even throw them away just because they're troublesome.


Garbage classification is a difficult work. Although the garbage can are marked on recyclable and non-recyclable, sometimes we even even don’t know the waste on our hand is recyclable or not. The hauler has no choice but to remove non-recyclables by hand, this is a very time-consuming and expensive process. So most of the EPS waste are end up to burning or landfill with other waste.



Curbside recycling programs need a complete system. If there is someone who manages EPS waste and collect it, we can then compact it with GREENMAX EPS compactor, the recycling work will be much easier.


Curbside recycling is a good idea, but there should be more execution. EPS recycling is long-term work that needs the efforts of us all.