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Waste Plastic Recycling System Need to be Built

Plastic, as a new material, is featured by lightweight, waterproof, durable, mature production technology, low-cost, but it has great dangers.


EPS waste collection

First: the waste plastic occupied excessive land invasion, such as EPS, which can stay a long time in nature, generally up to 100 to 200 years.


Second: air pollution. Plastic confetti and blowing dust following the wind, easily to pollute the air.


Third: water pollution. There are floating plastic bottles and plastic boxes, hanging bags, bread paper on the branches above the water surface, are easily caused by environmental pollution by plastic processing, and if these animals ate plastic waste, will hurt the health, or even because of its twist in the digestive tract, they can not digest and starved to death, the animals threatened with extinction.


Fourth: causing a fire hazard. Plastics are almost combustible materials that will produce methane and other combustible gases, fire or high temperatures encountered in nature when stacked in the natural process, can easily cause fires, serious losses to the state and society.


Fifth: These plastic foam products may become a pest nests, they can provide food for mice, providing habitat and breeding grounds. Of which residues are often the root cause of infectious diseases.


Sixth: waste plastics, such as polystyrene foam, because it is difficult to degrade, it is easily caused ecological and environmental problems by long-term. Such as the impact of crops absorb nutrients and water, resulting in crop failures.


EPS recycled scrap

The use amount of our great foam tableware, food packaging, grocery shopping plastic, shopping bag is amazing. According to rough statistics, the white trash of the century is about 800 million tons, the amount of gas bags is about 14 million tons per year in Beijing, the plastic products accounted for 7% of garbage in Shanghai, about 19 million tons per year.


Plastic products such as polystyrene foam waste is the most difficult to process in all part of life, it is also a worldwide problem. In general, using these three methods included sanitary landfill, pile and high temperature incineration, basically can achieve waste reduction, recycling and harmless. But our situation is not optimistic, the current waste collection and recycling is far form an ordered system. For example, in Beijing, the garbage collection system has not been completed. Although they can take some measures such as burning and landfill, but with the establishment cost of a waste incineration plant is 20 times the size of landfills investment.

As for the artificial degradation of organic fuel approach requires a higher purity plastic products, large-scale process is unrealistic. Therefore, GREENMAX recycling machines can become the main method of collecting plastics.

Greenmax machine plant

GREENMAX APOLO Series specialize in compressing all kinds of EPS foam and can help you to reduce the volume of EPS waste up to 50:1. Some people choose to put the EPS into landfills or burn EPS material, but this action have much pollution on air, water and soil. But GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine can compress the EPS into tight block and the compacted EPS can be reused.