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5 Big Errors Related With Disposable Foam Lunch Boxes

It is understood, since May in 2015, after disposable plastic foam recovered free in use, however, the doubt voices is still prevalent. Recently, five Association included the national development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, State Administration for Industry and commerce, food and drug supervision administration and China Light Industry Federation, the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Environmental Science Society of professional committee of green packaging, China Packaging Federation plastic packaging Committee got together for the first time to clarify  the consumption of 5 big errors related with disposable foam lunch boxes.
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1. Tableware containing bisphenol A, will lead to reproductive dysfunction?
Bisphenol A is the structure of bisphenol a polycarbonate, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin monomer, styrene and it does not belong to the same kind of material, disposable foam plastic tableware in BPA Free, can not be infected with bisphenol A impurities, so the idea is nonsense.

2. Will the blowing agent used destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere?
Early foam tableware used Freon blowing agent as CFC foaming agent, it is harmful to the ozone layer, but our country currently Freon blowing agent has been instead with butane and pentane alternative, it will not cause damage on the atmosphere.

3. Will the tableware in heat 65 degrees Celsius l produce a strong Carcinogen dioxin?
Carcinogen dioxin needs simultaneously to satisfy three conditions: containing benzene ring material and chlorine, bromine a class of substances exist at the same time; temperature above 300 DEG C to 400 DEG C, the presence of metal catalysts. Disposable foam food trays which contains only a benzene ring, it is impossible to produce carcinogen dioxin.
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4. Disposable foam lunch boxes were heat, will be released two poly, melamine, etc., resulting in environmental hormones, is harmful to the human body?
Multinational research institutions have been tested on this issue, has made it clear: two poly, melamine of disposable foam tableware does not have to disrupt the body's endocrine estrogen nature. Of course, any product needs to be used correctly, if the foam tableware were heat with water and with a microwave oven, it will certainly be bad. Polystyrene is not resistant to high temperature, does not apply to the microwave oven, so as long as the packaged food temperature is not more than 70 degrees Celsius, in the case of a reasonable use, it will not produce harmful substances.

5. No good recycling mode, will bring the "white pollution"?
To reduce the disposable foam lunch boxes from the "white pollution", polystyrene food tray recycling is the key. Qian Guijing ,China Light Industry Federation, vice president, China Plastics Processing Industry Association chairman, said that, at present, the foam plastic disposable tableware can be used to produce picture frame, photo frame, building insulation materials, office furniture and other recycled products. The next step will be to establish a disposable foam plastic tableware recycling and EPS recycling system, to strengthen the development and application of recycled products, so that the "white pollution" phenomenon will no longer appear.