Can foam be recycled

Can foam be recycled

Can foam be recycled? The answer is yes, the bubble is short for us of foam plastic, foam plastics are composed of a micro porous gas dispersion in solid plastic and form a kind of polymer material, have qualitative light, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, shock absorption properties, and dielectric properties is better than that of matrix resin, application is very wide. Almost all kinds of plastic can be made of foam plastic, foam molding has become an important area in the plastic processing.

The main ways of foam recycling are: the cold press decreasing capacity after granulation, bubble crusher crushing used for all kinds of filling materials, after paralysis oil or recovery of styrene and others.

(1) The capacity reduction after granulation, polystyrene foam plastics can melt extrusion granulation of recycled aggregate, but so bulky, defecate transportation, usually during recycling to reduce capacity first. Methods with mechanical method, solvent method and heating method.

(2) It can be used as the filler after crushing, polystyrene foamed plastic products after grinding can be used as filler, made from a variety of products.

(3) Paralysis oil or recovery of styrene, waste polystyrene foam plastic pretreatment reduce styrene distillation for catalytic cracking of heat treatment.

(4) Other, waste polystyrene foam plastics can be used in the manufacture of coating and adhesive, etc.

Bubble is that EPS (English "Expanded Polystyrene") commonly known as, or "Styrofoam", Chinese name is Expanded Polystyrene, is a kind of white foaming plastic, this kind of material is to use steam heating Polystyrene, enlarged form massive modulus, volume is 50 times, which contains 95-98% of the air and pure Polystyrene 2-5%. Small particles can be used to make foam plastic cups and small containers, medium grain foam can be used for making bags, foam is used in bulk packaging materials and large particles. The main characteristic of this kind of material is: insulation, light weight, waterproof. Are imposed because bubble recovery can reduce the white pollution and improve the environmental quality of life.