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Dangote Group have Built a World-class Polyethylene Plant to Export
Manish Singhvi, general manager of the African diversified conglomerate Dangote Group, responsible for strategic planning, recently, said the company is planning to build a $4 billion petrochemical complex project in the vicinity of the Lekki Lagos, Nigeria. And this includes a mix of raw material of 1.1 million tons/year of polyethylene and 350,000 tons/year of propylene cracker. All the produced propylene will be used to polypropylene production plant.

high density polyethylene

It is reported that the company also plan to build a metathesis unit, which will increase propylene production capacity of another 600,000 tons/year. Meanwhile, the refinery project will produce 750,000 tons of propylene/year. Propylene total capacity will be up to 170 tons/year. Dangote also plans to build two downstream polyethylene (PE) production plant, each PE capacity of 550,000 tons/year, a production of high-density polyethylene, and another set of liner low density polyethylene.

polyethylene foam pellets

Dangote has determined that all the devices are made of Ineos polyolefins technology. The petrochemical plant is expected to put into operation in May 2019. It is reported that the petrochemical plants produced about 20% will be used for polyolefin local market and 80 percent for export.

polyethylene foam

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compacted polyethylene foam