EPS recycling equipment

PS is a kind of widely used plastic. PS can be used to make foam products. EPS is often refers to the moulding of foamed PS, and XPS often refers to the extrusion foaming PS.

Generally, the composition of EPS/XPS is 98% of air and 2% of the plastic. Health are the characteristics of EPS and XPS, brittleness, qualitative light, commonly used to manufacture packaging material, frozen insulation box, building insulation panels, food containers, etc.

EPS recycling equipment

EPS foamed plastic can be recycled. Tore up the EPS foam, can be used to make the packing box of the cushion filling material; The EPS into small particles, can be used for concrete filling, the production of lightweight concrete; Dissolve the EPS, can produce waterproof coating and glue adhesion agent; Cut the EPS melted down into particles, can also be used in the production of decorative article, racks, CD boxes, and other products.

Because of EPS is qualitative light, take up the space is large, so the EPS of mobile phones and transport has always been a headache for people. Howe production of EPS foam and torn and cold pressing devices, can help the recycling industry easily compressed EPS foam, thus greatly reduce the transportation cost, easy to plastic recycling factory.Howe not only the production of EPS compression equipment, can also be customized according to customer requirements XPS, EPP, EPE, such as hard EPU foamed plastics machinery capacity reduction.