Foam containers recycling embodies the great wisdom of GREENMAX


Recently In June 20, 2017, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to approve a recycling program allowing residents living in single-family homes to start recycling foam food and beverage containers on July 1.

Many California cities have banned the use of polystyrene since 2011, including the foam containers. However, San Diego has now decided to take a more business-friendly approach by allowing the containers, which restaurants and other businesses consider highly cost-effective, to be placed in blue recycling bins.


According to what has been mentioned above, it is not difficult to see that Foam containers recycling has now become an inevitable trend, which, however, needs our endless effort to practice.



To recycle foam containers, San Diego has just finished the first step to grant permission. Nevertheless, more professional and specific solutions ought to be applied. It is worth mentioning that, GREENMAX from INTCO China has now already practiced a great deal of successful cases of foam recycling.
Due to the unique characteristics of being bulky and light of foam products, GREENMAX has specially designed recycling machines, such as APOLO series compactors and MARS series functioned as foam densifiers. Both of these two kinds of machines can smash and then compress or heat the numerous waste foam containers into blocks or ingots in order to make them easy to be stored and transported, which, as a result, can perfectly finish the most critical step of foam containers recycling.


You are certain to get amazed when the recycling machines could start to operate at an extremely high efficiency. The foam compactor can work at a ratio of 50: 1 while the densifier can even work at a ratio of 90:1, more efficiently than the compactor. Moreover, you may not get worried about as the truth is that both of these two kinds of equipment do not account for too much space, just a corner of your warehouse.


Supposing that you are feeling upset of your bulky foam containers wastes and have no good idea to dispose them, maybe INTCO recycling can do much help to you.