Foamed plastic tableware recycling trapped for solution

This year on February 26, the national development and reform commission issued 21 order, to local adjustment of industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue, which eliminated in product directory to delete the disposable foam plastic tableware. One of the reason is "can be recycled after use. After more than two months of discussion, are prohibited from production and sales of 14 years of disposable foam tableware formally since May 1. Now released for January, disposable foam tableware any institution or individual recycling?

Wan fan in Beijing road near a residential area, the reporter sees, although small area inside the trash can with a "recycling", "kitchen waste" and "other garbage garbage sorting" label, but nearby residents mostly garbage bag son down, only to throw just a matter of a bucket. Live in the neighbourhood of Mr. Gao told reporters that he carefully observed, these were piled garbage, there are many is foam boxes. "Across the street - there is a lot of foam box, a lot of people buy back to family dinner too lazy to cook. I come home from work didn't release, with foam box also secretly, but obvious now." Under the guidance of Mr. Gao, the reporter comes to street corners around the community. Nearly 9 PM, when most of the stalls have closed, all eat hutch garbage up, which is mixed with large amount of foam tableware. Reporters waiting for nearly an hour, finally by a cleaner. When asked about how the foam tableware processing, the cleaner clear answer, "this is a waste, it is good to throw away directly." Near TaoRanTing black plant community, the reporter found near the garbage can often have a ragged scavengers rustle in the pail of recycled products, including various bottles, cans, paper bags, packaging carton used paper and plastic boxes, etc.

However, reporters noted that nobody used white foam boxes. Reporter asked a is a trash can rustle scavengers, why don't foam boxes. After hear the reporter's question, the middle-aged women hanhou smiled, "this thing can not sell on price, no one is taking." According to the survey, polypropylene (PP) as the main raw material of plastic lunch box and disposable foam tableware recycling should embarrassment. The former because of high prices is well received in the recycle bin and scavengers, among them, the colored PP plastic boxes recycling prices up to $1.2 per kg, pure transparent PP plastic boxes of recycling price up to 4.6 yuan per kilogram. But disposable foam plastic lunch box because the profit is too low, the serious recycling plight.

But a month's time, policy makers may wish to control purpose to carefully assess the actual implementation. The experts suggest that the government should establish feasible recycling mechanism, clear foam tableware waste recycling work as soon as possible, the director of the department and supervision department.