INTCO Recycling have Participated in Some Show since the End of Last Month

INTCO Recycling have participated in the ChinaReplas recently in Shenzhen, Gangdong city. In this show, our company’s products get some international plastic organizations’ support.

As the director and leader of China’ plastic recycling industry, ChinaReplas is a very important show for most of the plastic enterprise.

INTCO devote to the complete solution for EPS polystyrene foam recycling. GREENMAX as a part brand of the INTCO Recycling specialize in the EPS material handling to compress the waste polystyrene into block and offer convenience for transportation. Meanwhile, INTCO Recycling buy the compacted EPS material to make picture frames and construction molding.

Our recycling process can be easily and clearly seen from the recycling symbol picture. So in the recycling circle you will know our production chain. INTCO Recycling have got the result form recycle to reproduce and this process is the action of recycling and environmental protection. We have attracted much more people’s attention, and even the government.

As there are so much waste polystyrene foam produced every day, the waste polystyrene foam recycling is necessary. To handle the waste polystyrene foam very well, we have produced GREENMAX machines for ourselves and our compacted polystyrene foam suppliers. That is to say, recycling industry have a very good development and the machines that handling the waste also have a promising future.

We have produced several series of machines that can available for different waste polystyrene foam and improve the recycling effect. So we believe that the recycling machine are very important and more waste polystyrene foam can be recycled and reduce the waste pollution.

Our APOLO series machines can compact the waste EPS material and can compact the material into tight block. Also, the ZEUS series machines can also very useful as it can prevent the compacted EPS material loosing. So this series machines can handle very well for some special material. MARS series machines are very good to some material that can’t be compacted easily. So this series of machines can melt the material into block easily.

In addition, the Poseidon series machines are special as they can handle the beverage bottles, food packaging and so on. As more people in China need try to work, they have to buy some fast food and most of the food need packaging and plastic material. So you can find this series machines’ promising future.

In a word, the recycling machines are very important so we hope more people can make efforts to plastic recycling industry.